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Intel 845PE Based Pentium 4 ATX Mainboard
DDR 333, Serial ATA, ATA133 RAID, 6 Channel Audio, IEEE 1394
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   it7pdf.exe Bios  Issue Date: 2003/03/27
  1. Systems can not detects the fan speed and automatically shut down while using low speed fan.
  2. Adjusts the SP_LED as following to conform to the requirements:
    S0.........Always on
    S1........ Blink (faster frequency)
    S3.........Blink (slower frequency)If the LED could not support different blinking frequency, it will behave like S1 state.
    S4.........Always off
    S5.........Always off
  3. Fixes the multiplier of unlocked CPU shows incorrectly while resumed from STR.
  4. Updates CPU micro code.?0F24/18, 0F27/33, 0F29/0E?
  5. HPT374 BIOS version 1.23.
  6. BIOS compile date 3/27/2003.

   it7pd6.exe Bios  Issue Date: 2002/12/16


  1. Raise the upper limit of CPU core voltage to 1.85V.
  2. Fix the booting failure issue when the system starts up from "CMOS checksum error" and without CPU fan attached to FAN2 header.
  3. HPT 374 BIOS Version 1.22.
  4. BIOS Compile Date: 12/16/2002.

   it7pcv.exe Bios  Issue Date: 2002/11/28
  1. Fixes the compatibility issue where the ATI Radeon 9700 Pro fails to boot up with a certain power supply unit - TC-350P. With this power supply, the 9700 Pro will fail to boot up, requiring a reset button push to show the boot screen.
  2. Changes the definition of UUID in DMI data- move the MAC address from top to bottom of the string.
  3. Shows "Hyper-Threading" wording on POST screen when Hyper-Threading CPU installed.
  4. HPT 374 BIOS Version 1.22.
  5. BIOS Compile Date: 11/28/2002.

   it7pcf.exe Bios  Issue Date: 2002/11/06
  1. MAC Address fills into UUID section in DMI data to pass WHQL.
  2. Show MAC Address of on board LAN Card in System Configuration section.
  3. Show "Award BIOS" on BIOS Setup Utility.(Used be "Work station BIOS")
  4. Fix Windows flash utility invalid by using Hyper-Threading CPU.
  5. Fix to enable "Shutdown When CPU FAN Fail" option and idle after about 16 minutes under Windows 2000/XP, the function failed issue.
  6. HPT 374 BIOS Version 1.22.
  7. BIOS compile Date: 11/06/2002.

   it7pc7.exe Bios  Issue Date: 2002/09/16
  1. Update HPT 374 BIOS from 1.1 to 1.22 to fix special boot sequence issue.
    • Use PS/2 keyboard and mouse simultaneously.
    • HDD attached to IDE 3 or 4.
    • CDROM attached to IDE2.
    • When above 3 description are true, booting up from Win 98SE floppy disk will fail to find some system files.
  2. BIOS Compile Date: 9/16/2002.

   it7pbr.exe Bios  Issue Date: 2002/09/05
  1. First release.
  2. HPT 374 BIOS Version 1.22.
  3. BIOS compile Date: 9/05/2002.

   ABIT_USB20_ICH4_2121.EXE Driver  Issue Date: 2003/03/26
Intel USB 2.0 Driver for Windows9x/Me

   374_123.exe Driver  Issue Date: 2002/12/12
  1. HPT374 Driver version 1.23.  -**New**
  2. For Win ME, Win2000, Win NT, Win XP.
    ? Driver  Issue Date: 2002/10/21
HPT 374 Drivers Driver  Issue Date: 2002/10/21
Intel Chipset Drivers

VIA PT800 Based Intel Pentium 4 Motherboard
FSB 800, DDR 400, S
Intel 875P Chipset Pentium 4 Mainboard
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