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Intel® Pentium™4 Server Board With
Integrated Cavium® NITROX™ IPSec/SSL ASIC

The SI-1Ns is the industry's first Intel® Pentium™ 4-based motherboard with the Cavium NITROX IPSec/SSL processor onboard. The embedded Cavium's NITROX Lite CN1005 processor features cost benefit and flexibility by supporting IPSec, SSL processing or both with a simple software change.
DualIntel®Xeon™, Max 12GB Memory, 8x AGP, Gigabit LAN, Dual Channel Ultra320 SCSI
The WI-2P, a dual Intel®Xeon™-based workstation board, features the latest Intel® dual-processor workstation architecture with higher frequency capabilities and a whopping 4.3GB per second of peak system and memory bandwidth.
Dual Intel® Xeon™, Dual Gigabit LANs, Dual-Channel Ultra320 SCSI with RAID, IPMI Server Management
The AB-5250 is built to provide the industry-leading feature set and performance for 2-way server system. Using ABIT's duel Intel® Xeon™ based SI-2P+ server board with embedded dual-port gigabit Ethernet LAN and dual-channel ultra320 SCSI controllers, the AB-5200 incorporates fault-tolerant components to deliver a compelling availability feature, compute power and I/O performance.
2003/05/22 ABIT Launches New Workstation Mainboards( WI-2P )
2003/05/22 ABIT Launches New Server Mainboards( SI-2P+ , SI-1N , SI-1Ns )
2003/03/11 ABIT WI-2P Workstation Board is Approved by 3D Labs
2003/01/20 ABIT and Cavium partner to bring low cost Security to the Server Motherboard ( SI-1Ns )
2002/11/20 ABIT SI-2P+ ,With Intel® E7501 Chipset, Is Ready For Shipment
2002/11/20 ABIT Introduces Multi-gigabit-LAN 2-Way Server Board: SI-2Pa .
2002/11/18 ABIT Introduces Dual Intel Xeon Workstation Board: WI-2P .
2002/11/18 ABIT Dual Intel Xeon™-based WI-2P Motherboard Enables Truly Powerful Workstations

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