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Letter from the President


To you, our customer,


ABIT Computer Corporation has now entered its second decade of operation since it began in 1989. Despite a fiercely competitive computer industry we have continued to grow as quickly as ever. More importantly, we have maintained our goal of delivering excellent products to our customers. 

ABIT has achieved its position through diligence, hard work, and by encouraging an environment of cooperation and constant innovation. It is this attitude that has enabled us to become a global motherboard provider. ABIT motherboards can be found in high-end performance PCs all over the globe. 

However, ABIT isnít just a motherboard company. We also want to bring you the best in multimedia, peripheral cards, server technology, and barebones systems solutions. At ABIT, we strive every day to develop products to meet your computing demands. 

Our goal is to make ABIT first in quality and innovation. ABITís success has always been driven by a strategic alliance between research and development, management, and you the customer. This innovative union has been forged within an energetic work environment, on a dedication to total quality control, and an unshakeable focus on our customerís needs. 

Together with feedback from the millions of people who own ABIT products, we will continue to develop the best motherboards and peripherals.  

This is our pledge to you.


General Manager

ABIT Computer Corporation

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