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Intel 875P Chipset Pentium 4 Mainboard
Dual SATA RAID, Dual DDR 400, AGP Pro 8X,
OTES, ABIT Engineered™
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The IC7-MAX3 is equipped with features never even conceived for a desktop
motherboard. For users who require MAXimum security and storage, the ABIT
MAX3 features 6 channel serial ATA RAID with the Silicon Image 4-port serial
ATA RAID controller plus native 2 channel support, as well as ABIT's latest
ABIT Engineered™ feature: Secure IDE™. But what is most exciting about
MAX3 is that it features the most advanced cooling technology ever seen
before on a motherboard--OTES.

OTES Cooling Technology
In the interests of cooling and performance, OTES has been redesigned to
cool the hottest part of a motherboard: the PWM power regulation mosfets and

6 channel serial ATA RAID
With the Silicon Image 4-port serial ATA RAID controller plus native 2
channel support.

Enhanced 800MHz FSB
The 800MHz FSB increases bandwidth and improves overall system performance.

Dual DDR Module Support
Supports up to 4GB of Single/Dual channel DIMM modules, delivering bandwidth
of 6.4GB/sec.

Intel PRO/1000 CT Desktop Connection Gigabit LAN on board
Lets you easily connect to the world wide web at high speeds without having
to buy a separate 10/100 Ethernet card.

Serial ATA 150MB/s data transfer rate
Serial ATA is an evolutionary replacement for the Parallel ATA storage
interface. This new high-speed interface boosts data transfer rates to up to
150 MB/sec. More flexible power tolerances allow for smaller and more
efficient cables.

6-Channel Audio and S/PDIF In/Out interface
Lets you enjoy 6-channel audio without having to buy advanced sound cards.

USB 2.0 Support
Supports speeds up to 480 Mb/sec, approximately

VIA PT800 Based Intel Pentium 4 Motherboard
FSB 800, DDR 400, S
Secure IDE™ is a device that connects to your IDE hard disk and
Upgrade your hard disk, CDRW or CD/DVD ROM to Serial ATA!

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