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You might be wondering where ABIT will go from here? In 1998 ABIT met one of its goals – it became one of the five top motherboard manufacturers in Taiwan. Since 1989 the computing world has witnessed an astonishing array of achievements from Jumperless Technology and SoftMenu™, to the first Dual Celeron board. Technically, where does ABIT see itself moving in the near future?

ABIT will continue to develop and improve existing technologies while integrating new ones. Specifically, this means exploring possibilities that include the Internet, bluetooth technology, multimedia, barebone, systems and server technology. ABIT will continue to invest in research and development to provide more and more advanced products that will enhance the quality of our lives and that of our environment.

As a company, we intend to account for at least five percent of the global market for motherboards. Five percent may not sound like much, but as our products attract high-end users – those wonderful individuals who always desire faster and more powerful computer systems – it is a significant percentage of this market

Annual sales of three million motherboards represents a very large percentage of our target market.

Last year five percent of ABIT’s revenue came from multimedia applications while about ninety percent came from motherboards. In 2001 we want to increase the total amount of multimedia applications, barebones solutions and servers to fifteen percent.

Another goal is for ABIT to become the brand of choice for all high-end users. This means we want to give you more reasons than anyone else to buy our boards and peripherals. If successful we believe we can increase our sales from 2.5 million pieces in 2000 to 3.1 million in 2001.

But none of this can happen without you. That's why we like you to join our membership program and tell us what you want!

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