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As ABIT moves into the 21st century we are even more committed to providing the best possible customer service than ever before. With improved technical response times, a new member's forum, and a new logically organized website so you can find the information you need when you need it, ABIT is making sure that you are well taken care of.

The first step to delivering outstanding service is development. This means we will not release a motherboard until we know it is an excellent product and are totally satisfied with it. Once a motherboard has been released, ABIT remains committed to its products by providing updates and revisions to continually improve the performance of your system.

If despite all our efforts you have problems with an ABIT product, or you just need more information, please follow the steps below:

1. Flip through your manual.
Our technical writers have gone to great lengths to ensure that the manual for your motherboard is packed full of tips, information and troubleshooting guidelines. If there is any new information about our products, we post the information on our websites hot FAQ section.

2. Look at the appropriate section on this website.
Our newly designed website is organized around products. Everything you wish to know about an ABIT product including drivers, bios updates, and hot FAQ's have been collected together in one place. Alternatively you can use the search engine, and of course you can use look under products or help. 

3. Technical Support
If you are still stumped ask our technical staff. Remember to select your motherboard or other product so it gets to the correct person. 

4. Contact your reseller
Sometimes despite all our efforts you still need help. Perhaps you need to replace your board under warranty. When this happens, please talk to the company that sold you the board in the first place. ABIT does not sell boards itself so it cannot help you here. You can click here to see if your supplier is listed.

5. ABIT Branch Office
If you have problems with your reseller then contact one of ABIT's branch offices at Hong Kong, Shanghai, London, Fremont California and The Netherlands. See contacts to find the branch office closest to you.

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