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VIA KT333 Based AMD K7 Mainboard
ATA133 RAID, DDR 333, USB 2.0, IEEE1394, 6-Ch Audio
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Hot Hardware Hot for ABIT MAX Series! (AT7 / IT7 )

Taipei, Taiwan, ROC, July 9, 2002 - ABIT's newest high performance, full featured motherboards, the AT7 MAX and IT7 MAX, have been getting rave reviews worldwide. Now, highly respected hardware site Hot Hardware has taken a look at the MAX series, concluding "ABIT has done a fantastic job with the AT7 and IT7 MAX motherboards."

What ..................
press release

TechZone Calls AT7 "the best AMD motherboard I have ever used"

Taipei, Taiwan, ROC, June 11, 2002 - ABIT's AT7 MAX has won another Editor's Choice award. This time it was the Tech Zone who praised the AT7 for its extraordinary features, overclockability and performance. "Offering advanced features and extraordinary value with its legacy-free operation, ABIT's new AT7 free up system resources to offer users a robust, .................. press release

AT7 MAX is Tech Report's First Editor's Choice!

Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C., April 30 2002 - The AT7 MAX continues to garner rave reviews. This time, Tech Report has decided to award their first-ever Editor's Choice award to ABIT's revolutionary AT7 MAX.

Designed to bring the motherboard to the next level with an impressive array of features the AT7 does not disappoint: "Even with..................
press release

AT7 Wins TweakTown's Editor's Choice Award!

Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C., April 16 2002 - The praise keeps rolling in for ABIT's new MAX AT7 motherboard, the newest motherboard in the MAX series. This time, it was the folks at, who were so amazed with the AT7, they awarded it their coveted "Editor's Choice" award.

The AT7 was designed to be fe.................. press release

HardCOREware Takes ABIT AT7 to the MAX

Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C., April 12 2002 - The AT7, the newest motherboard in ABIT's new MAX series, has been given a rating of 98% by, with Carl Nelson noting that the AT7 is
"definitely one of the most unique boards you'll see today."

What first caught Carl's attention was the AT7's revolutionary de..................
press release

VIA PT800 Based Intel Pentium 4 Motherboard
FSB 800, DDR 400, S
Intel 875P Chipset Pentium 4 Mainboard
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