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   bg7d4.exe   Bios   Issue Date: 2002/12/16


  1. Show MAC Address of on board LAN Card in System Configuration section.
  2. Change the definition of UUID in DMI data- move the MAC address from top to bottom of the string.
  3. Revise DMI Pool data.
  4. BIOS Compile Date: 12/16/2002

   bg7ed5.exe   Bios   Issue Date: 2002/12/16


  1. The APIC Mode option Enabled and highlighted in BIOS while used Hyper-Threading CPU.(It would turn out to be normally while Hyper-Threading Technology set up to Disabled.)
  2. "CPU Hyper-Threading" option in "Advanced BIOS Features' revised to "Hyper-Threading Technology" to fit in with the requirement of Intel.
  3. Show "Hyper-Threading" wording on POST screen when Hyper-Threading CPU installed.
  4. Show MAC Address of on board LAN Card in System Configuration section.
  5. Change the definition of UUID in DMI data- move the MAC address from top to bottom of the string.
  6. Revise DMI Pool data.
  7. BIOS Compile Date: 12/16/2002

   bg7cb.exe   Bios   Issue Date: 2002/11/29

  1. Fixes the incompatibility issue where the ATI Radeon 9700Pro fails to boot up with a certain power supply unit- TC-350P. With this power supply, 9700Pro will fail to boot, and the reset button needs to be pressed once to show the bootup screen.

  2. Fixes issue where the "Shutdown When CPU FAN Fail" option fails after about 16 minutes idling under Windows 2000/XP.

  3. Adds functions to SoftMenu III.
    A.   Auto detects CPU speed. It offers User Define and CPU frequency in CPU Operation Speed option.
    B.   CPU frequency locks up for Northwood CPU. It would not
           allow users to choose multiplier factor but shows CPU
           multiplier factor on it.
    C.   CPU Operation Speed in SoftMenu III reveals CPU frequency
           when user load defaults.

  4. Fixes issue where ES North Wood 2.8G CPU detection fails.

  5. BIOS compile Date: 11/14/2002.

   bg7bn.exe   Bios   Issue Date: 2002/09/23
  1. Support Celeron 2.0G CPU.
  2. Provide multiplier higher than 25x in SoftMenu.
  3. Fill in new CPU micro code (0F27).
  4. "Speed Error Hold"  function set to invisible.
  5. Add "Disable Unused PCI Clock" function in Advanced BIOS Features that manages the Clock function on PCI slot.
  6. Fix S3 Compliance failed while testing HCT 10.0 under Win XP.
  7. BIOS compile date: 9/23/2002.

   bg7ax.exe   Bios   Issue Date: 2002/08/23
  1. Support PMC PM49FL004T Flash ROM.
  2. Support Winbond W39V040FA Flash ROM.
  3. Modify boot issue of Mushkin DDR 400 module.
  4. BIOS compile Date: 8/23/2002.

   bg7ah.exe   Bios   Issue Date: 2002/08/09
  1. Support P4 2.8GHz (533MHz FSB) CPU. (CPU ID 0F27 Micro Code)
  2. Add SVID and SSID for ICH4 USB 2.0 controller.(SVID:147B,SSID:7403)
  3. BIOS compile date: 8/09/2002

   bg794.exe   Bios   Issue Date: 2002/06/26
  1. Update VGA BIOS to 2656.
  2. Enhance the DDR SDRAM setting table in "Advanced Chipset Feature".
  3. Add "Enhance DRAM Performance" function.
  4. Modify the DMI data to fix on line diagnostic tool issue (PCI Pitstop).
  5. Set "Video RAM Cacheable", "AGP Data Transfer Rate", "AGP Aperture Size", "AGP Data Rate" and "AGP Enable" function to invisible while using OnBoard VGA card.
  6. Hide "On-Chip Frame Buffer Size" option while using AGP Card.
  7. BIOS compile date: 6/26/2002.
  8. Please use AWDFLASH Ver. 8.20A to flash BIOS 94. We have include the program in BG794.EXE, but if you get the bg7_94.bin only and you are using AWDFLASH Ver. 7.97D, apply below special switches please. "AWDFLASH KG7_94.BIN /PY /SN /CD /CP /CC /F"

   bg700.exe   Bios   Issue Date: 2002/05/03
  1. First release.
  2. BIOS compile date: 5/03/2002

   ABIT_USB20_ICH4_2121.EXE   Driver   Issue Date: 2003/03/26
Intel USB 2.0 Driver for Windows9x/Me

   vxd_a341.exe   Driver   Issue Date: 2003/03/26
Driver for Win 95/98

   win2k_xpm121.exe   Driver   Issue Date: 2002/10/14
Driver for Win 2000/XP.

   win9xm121.exe   Driver   Issue Date: 2002/10/14
Driver for Win98se/Me   Driver   Issue Date: 2002/10/12
LAN Driver for Windows

   wdm_a341.exe   Driver   Issue Date: 2002/05/14
Driver For Win98SE / WinMe / Win2000/ WinXP

   BG7_Eng_V100.pdf   Manual   Issue Date: 2002/05/03

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