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AD/POSTER Download
Model Name Picture(click to enlarge) AD/POSTER size(click to download)
Digital Home abit
H285xW210 pdf (76MB)
IX38-MAX abit
A4 pdf (29MB)
AN52 abit
Custome PC pdf (64MB)
IP-35 Pro abit
H280xW72 (Custom PC) ai (215MB)
H280xW72 (Custom PC) pdf (215MB)
H280xW72 (PC Format) pdf (17MB)
H122xW170 pdf (22MB)
H184xW127 pdf (22MB)
Fatal1ty Series abit
H279xW215 (GameAxis) ai (112MB)
Fatal1ty F-I90HD abit
H300xW230 (Custom PC) pdf (36MB)
Fatal1ty FP-IN9 SLI abit
H122xW170 pdf (17MB)
H127xW184 (NL) pdf (24MB)
H295xW103 (PC Retailt) pdf (20MB)
H300xW230 (Custom PC) pdf (78MB)
H300xW74 (PC Format) pdf (15MB)
AB9 QuadGT abit
H594xW421 ai (234MB)
AirPace Wi-Fi AirPace
H279xW215 (CRN-RAM) pdf (120MB)
KN9 Series abit
H279xW215 ai (207MB)
H297xW210 ai (168MB)
H297xW210 pdf (168MB)
H297xW210 - for UK pdf (1.8MB)
H300xW230 - for UK pdf (32MB)
H300xW222 - for UK pdf (32MB)
H270xW215 - for HK pdf (193MB)
H297xW210 - for Holland ai (206MB)
Fatal1ty AN9 32X abit
H210xW148 ai (143MB)
H285xW210 pdf (47MB)
H300xW220 ai (143MB)
H300xW220 pdf (143MB)
H300xW220 psd (49MB)
IN9 32X-MAX abit
H285xW210 (Aleet) pdf (79MB)
H300xW222 (Russia > CRN) pdf (22MB)
H300xW222 (Custom PC) pdf (44MB)
NF-M2 nView abit
H297xW210 (English) pdf (71MB)
H297xW210 (German) pdf (71MB)
AW9D-MAX abit
H320xW123 (Poland > CRN) pdf (32MB)
H158xW250 (Poland > CRN) pdf (38MB)
H299xW110 (Russia > CRN) pdf (24MB)
H310xW120 (Russia > Computer Build) ai (31MB)
H297xW105 (Russia > CHIP) ai (31MB)
H300xW108 (PC Format) pdf (34MB)
H148xW222 (PC Format) pdf (40MB)
H297xW210 (Active Home PC) pdf (55MB)
H297xW210 (English) pdf (102MB)
H297xW210 (German) pdf (102MB)
H180xW120 (German) pdf (53MB)
H307xW210 (Hungray) pdf (79MB)
H297xW215 (Malaysia) pdf (21MB)
H300xW230 (Custom PC) pdf (38MB)
H300xW222 (PC Format) pdf (35MB)
H50xW100 pdf (88MB)
iDome Series abit
H280xW210 (PC Plus) pdf (23MB)
iDome Series abit
A1 ai (145MB)
H300xW230 (Active Home PC) pdf (52MB)
U-ABIT Series abit
H594xW421 ai (137MB)
iL-90MV abit
H594xW421 pdf (7.4MB)
H594xW421 - for UK pdf (7.5MB)
H285xW210 - for UK pdf (10MB)
H300xW230 - for UK pdf (10MB)
H300xW222 - for UK pdf (10MB)
KN9 abit
H320xW123 pdf (9MB)
H594xW421 pdf (162MB)
AB9 Pro abit
H594xW421 pdf (63MB)
H594xW421 - for UK pdf (63MB)
H275xW210 pdf (63MB)
AW8D abit
H250xW320 ai (66MB)
H250xW320 pdf (66MB)
AN8 32X abit
H275xW210 ai (127MB)
H300xW230 ai (124MB)
H300xW230 pdf (127MB)
H300xW230 - for UK ai (129MB)
H300xW230 - for UK pdf (107MB)
AT8 Series abit
H275xW210 ai (84MB)
H120xW120 pdf (17MB)
AW8-MAX abit
H230xW210 ai (12MB)
H230xW210 pdf (4MB)
KN8 Series abit
H285xW230 psd (12MB)
Silent-OTES TG Series abit
A2 ai (224MB)
A4: Outline ai (36MB)
A4: Unoutline ai (37MB)
H320xW250 ai (14MB)

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