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abit today introduced the AB9 series based on the new Intel 965 Express (Broadwater) chipset,. This state-of-the-art PC platform supports the most recent Intel Core 2 duo (Conroe) processors increasing performance by up to 40% while reducing power consumption by an impressive 40% at the same time.

Latest Products
AB9 Pro Intel Core 2 Duo LGA775, Intel 965
iL-90MV Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel 945GT
Fatal1ty AN9 32X AMD AM2, Nvidia NF 590 SLI
KN9 SLI AMD Athlon AM2, Nvidia NF 570 SLI
AW8D Prescott LGA775, Intel 975X
Latest News & Award
July 03,2006
Driverheaven gives abit Fatal1ty AN9 32X Gold
"almost perfect product"

Driverheaven's Fatal(1ty) attraction gives abit the coveted Gold award: "abit's Fatality AN9 32x motherboard is an almost perfect product. It performs excellently and was completely stable throughout our testing. Specific points of excellence were the non-inclusion of legacy connectors and the good use of cooling fans. The bundle abit provide is also very good. We were pleased to see the extra cooling fan which improves air flow for SLI systems."
July 01,2006
abit complies with RoHS
Together for a better environment

As of today the European Union's RoHS directive takes effect, it is also often referred to as the "lead-free" directive, pointing at one of its main restrictions: the use of lead in the entire production process as well as in the product itself. In addition to lead prohibitions, five other substances mercury, cadmium, Chromium IV, PBB and PBDE are also highly restricted in use.
June 29,2006
CPU3D gives abit AW8D the Editor's Choice
"truly an overclocking motherboard"

Universal abit launched their much anticipated AW8D motherboard based on the Intel 975X chipset some time ago. CPU3D were very impressed with the boards tweakability and overclocking features: "I really like abit's uGuru overclocking feature in the BIOS, and from my previous experience with the AN8-32X, I was hoping to really get some good overclocks on the PentiumD 805. And guess what ... I did. The BIOS has plenty of options for adjusting FSB, ratios and voltages."
June 21,2006
The Inquirer finds abit AT8 32X "faster"
"abit board runs SLI faster than the competition"

The Inquirer who loves to dig into all sorts of mysteries decided to take the abit AN8-32X in for some serious questioning: "abit is well known for producing very good overclocking and tweakable motherboards. We had a chance to test one of the last Nforce 4 SLI 32 X boards on the market. It is still socket 939 and we believe that this socket and boards for it will remain very attractive for a while."
June 21,2006
Xtremecomputing Recommends abit AT8 32X
"Good overclocker"

"Xtremecomputing" took the abit's AT8 32X and put it through its paces: " It's safe to say abit are probably right up there and are one of the best motherboard designers in the market today."
abit Launches The AB9 Motherboard Series
First Intel P965 (Broadwater) based motherboard for Conroe CPUs
ABIT launches KN9 SLI Motherboard
The first NVIDIA nForce 570 SLI MCP Mainboard for AMD Socket AM2 Processors
abit Launches Fatal1ty AN9 32X Motherboard
Built to Kill b Next generation gaming platform unleashed
Strike it with ABIT
flagship mainboards with free Pro Gaming Mousepads
(KN9, KN9 SLI, KN9 Ultra, AN9 32X, Fatal1ty AN9 32X)
ABIT b The Reclaim
Computex 2006

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