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AD/POSTER Download
Model Name
Picture(click to enlarge)
AD/POSTER size(click to download)
U-ABIT Series
H285 x W210 - for UK pdf (20MB)
H250 x W320 ai (66MB)
H250 x W320 pdf (66MB)
KN9 Series
H297 x W210 ai (168MB)
H297 x W210 pdf (168MB)
H297 x W210 - for UK pdf (1.8MB)
H300 x W230 - for UK pdf (32MB)
H300 x W222 - for UK pdf (32MB)
H270 x W215 - for HK pdf (193MB)
H297 x W210 - for Holland ai (206MB)
AN8 32X
H275 x W210 ai (127MB)
H300 x W230 ai (124MB)
H300 x W230 pdf (127MB)
H300 x W230 - for UK ai (129MB)
H300 x W230 - for UK pdf (107MB)
AT8 Series
H275 x W210 ai (84MB)
H120 x W120 pdf (17MB)
H230 x W210 ai (12MB)
H230 x W210 pdf (4MB)
KN8 Series
H285 x W230 psd (12MB)
Silent-OTES TG Series
A2 ai (224MB)
A4: Outline ai (36MB)
A4: Unoutline ai (37MB)
H320 x W250 ai (14MB)
ABIT Stand
H200 x W120 ai (460MB)
H120 x W60 ai (460MB)
H30 x W23 ai (69MB)
H59.5 x W42 ai (85MB)
H59.5 x W42 pdf (23MB)
Silent-OTES Series
H13.5 x W40 ai (90MB)
H59 x W42 ai (166MB)
H29 x W46 ai (198MB)
H32 x W25 ai (163MB)
H29 x W46 - for UK ai (198MB)
H59.4 x W42 - for FR ai (163MB)
H28.5 x W23 - for IT ai (107MB)
AW8-MAX psd (38MB)
AW8-MAX - Edit psd (81MB)
AW8-MAX - for FR psd (99MB)
H594 x W420 ai (323MB)
H330 x W230 eps (36.4MB)
3rd-EYE (Blue)
H498 x W352 psd (52.7MB)
3rd-EYE (Green)
H498 x W352 psd (52.6MB)
H297 x W210   (47.1MB)
H1200 x W850   (530MB)
H297 x W210   (39MB)
H594 x W420   (263MB)
H275 x W205   (83.2MB)
H297 x W210   (50.3MB)

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