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For years, ABIT has been known as a company that consistently looks for ways to improve; to find out what is expected, and achieve more than what was thought possible.

This philosophy shapes everything that we do here at ABIT, right down to the very products that we make. Our motherboards not only set new standards for quality, but technologies like SoftMenu™ and OTES™ allow users the flexibility and power to exceed what they would normally expect from a computer system. Products that put power where it truly belongs:

Into the hands of the user.

Over the years, ABIT has become a premier motherboard brand by making products that cater specifically to the different segments of our target markets. The first instance is our mainstream users, who enjoy the nobility of using our quality brand, but are guided by price and want the best performance and quality for their hard earned cash.

Our second segment is specifically for the Computer Gamer, and by combining forces with the legendary Gamer Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendell, we have been able to focus products specifically for the gamer according to Fatal1ty's specifications. This series is called the Fatal1ty range and features all the blistering power and blazing graphics options that dedicated gamers want.

Our last segment is for the absolute enthusiast who may or may not be a gamer. This kind of person just enjoys feature upon feature backed with quality and power. This integrated "Mega" motherboard series is called MAX and sets the trend for our competitors to raise their standards by.

ABIT will strive to make products that not only meet the needs of these groups, but also find ways to empower the computer novice.

New technologies like µGuru™ make overclocking and BIOS flashing as easy as point-and-click. Advancements like Silent-OTES™ give maximum air cooling, eliminating the need for a complicated water-cooling system or loud noisy fans.

By making the technology as transparent and easy-to-use as possible, we hope to make products that are not only the best on the market, but are accessible by experts, gamers and novices alike.

Exceeding expectations.

This is the ABIT way.

Copyright© 2003 ABIT Ltd. All rights reserved. Reproduction and distribution in any form without permission is strictly prohibited.The ABIT logo is a registered trademark of ABIT.