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ABIT's dual graphics motherboards set the new standard for visual and sonic performance. Harness the power of two PCI Express graphics cards for nearly double performance. No fans. No noise. Zen-like performance. Don't let noisy components ruin your state of mind.
Latest Products
AW8D Prescott LGA775, Intel 975X
AT8 32X AMD Athlon 64X2/FX/64, ATI CrossFire
AN8 32X AMD Athlon 64/64FX, NVIDIA SLI X16
IL8 Prescott LGA775, Intel 945P
NV8 AMD Athlon 64/64FX, NVIDIA NF4-4X
Latest News & Award
April 17,2006
AW8D from ABIT – Drifting Redefined
The Wait was Long, the Road was Bumpy...
But the Rewards are Worth the Wait!

Today sees the launch of the new ABIT AW8D motherboard, based on the Intel 975X express chipset.
April 14,2006
PCStats Show Statistics on ABIT AN8 32X
"Faster SLI support"

PCStats promote ABIT as the pioneer of overclocking: "ABIT did after all virtually pioneer overclocking as we know it … ABIT's back and it's getting ready to give DFI, ASUS, MSI and Gigabyte a serious run for the money. Its newest flagship Athlon64 motherboard is the ABIT AN8 32X, based upon the nForce4 SLI x16 chipset (nVidia C51D and CK804 SLI)."
April 13,2006
Hothardware Warms up to the ABIT AN8 32X
"AN8 32X is a great high-end gaming motherboard"

Hothardware are famous for trustworthy reviews giving insightful knowledge on industry news: "The "new" ABIT, now under the name Universal ABIT Co., is looking to re-build its customer base and foothold in the high-end / overclocking motherboard market. It's certainly an uphill battle, but many have fond memories of older Abit products, and the ABIT name still remains one of the most well known throughout the motherboard industry."
April 11,2006
Tweaktown Best Performance award for ABIT AN8 32X
"fantastic motherboard"

Tweaktown know what they are talking about when it comes to hardware manufacturers: "ABIT (or should we say, "Universal ABIT") has been the biggest name in overclocking for some time. In fact, ABIT was the first to revolutionise it – most companies now owe a bit to ABIT, they were the ones who first dared to push the boundaries of what motherboards could do back in the days of the Intel Pentium II and the trusty BX chipset."
April 10,2006
AN8 32X Wins Recommended Award
Overclocking and fan-less design impresses in Norway

Hardware.no, Norway's dominating force in online hardware review and one of Northern Europe's biggest enthusiast oriented websites, just conducted a thorough test of the ABIT AN8 32X motherboard.
ABIT Gaming at CeBIT 2006
Pro-gamer Fatal1ty comes to Hannover
ABIT Concludes the End User Survey
Record-breaking online campaign sees 80,000 participants
ABIT rises from the ashes
ABIT Launches AT8 32X Motherboard
Unprecedented graphics performance and hardware control
ABIT AN8 32X gets Editors Choice Award @ motherboards.org
"a real winner product"

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