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AW9D-MAX Intel Core 2 Duo LGA775, Intel 975X
AB9 Pro Intel Core 2 Duo LGA775, Intel 965
iL-90MV Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel 945GT
Fatal1ty AN9 32X AMD AM2, Nvidia NF 590 SLI
KN9 Ultra AMD Athlon AM2, Nvidia NF 570 Ultra
NF-M2 nView AMD Athlon AM2, Nvidia NF 430
November 01,2006
abit Launches IL9 Pro Motherboard
The price/performance platform of choice for Core™ 2 Duo

abit today announced their latest Intel® 945P chipset based motherboard for Core™ 2 Duo processors, the abit IL9 Pro. This motherboard is particularly targeting the no-frills price conscious user requesting backward compatibility without having to compromise on future upgrades.
October 26,2006
HotHardware Grills abit AB9 Pro
"simply can't beat the Abit AB9 Pro's amazing value"

HotHardware compares a competitor to the AB9-Pro and nominates abit the winner: "The abit AB9 Pro represents a return to abit's roots as a creator of cost efficient, high performance, overclocking-friendly motherboards. The AB9 Pro performed well in all of our tests, claiming the top spot again and again."
October 23,2006
abit "Uncover the Mysterious iDome" Contest
Are you up to the challenge?

The first ever purely digital multimedia speakers from abit are waiting to be discovered. Playing your part as a modern day archeologist, you will have to uncover the mysterious abit iDome through a series of challenging questions. Truthful archeologists who answer ALL of the questions correctly will get a chance to win the abit iDome digital speakers every single week in November!
October 19,2006
Fatal1ty AN9 32X
Ultimate Gaming Motherboard is Built to Kill!

Based on the ultra high-end NVIDIA nForce® 590 SLI chipset, the Fatal1ty AN9 32X is designed for nothing but raw speed. Supporting full bandwidth dual X16 SLI graphics, DDR2-800 and the latest AMD™ Socket AM2 CPUs, the Fatal1ty AN9 32X is designed for the truly discerning enthusiast who will settle for nothing but the ultimate gaming hardware.
October 13,2006
AB9 Pro Motherboard OCs the Competition Away
"We have to congratulate Universal abit"

abit has long been known as the avant-garde of the global overclocking community. The overclockability of abit motherboards is proof of their outstanding stability under regular usage conditions as well, and thereby underlines abit's commitment to overall stability and product longevity.
ABIT Launches AT8 32X Motherboard
Unprecedented graphics performance and hardware control
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Record-breaking online campaign sees 80,000 participants
PC World UK Tests 23 Motherboards; Gives ABIT IC7-G Editor's Choice for Quality, Price and Features!
Bit-tech give AN8 32X a run for the money
"very solid and overclockable motherboard"

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