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nForce 2 Chipset (K7), FSB 400, Dual DDR400,
AGP 8X, Serial ATA, IEEE1394, USB2.0
SoftMenu™ ABIT Engineered
The NF7 series models, based on nForce2 chipset, supports the latest AMD Athlon XP processors with 200/266/333/400 FSB, and features new dual 400MHz DDR memory controllers that deliver up to a 50% increase in bandwidth. Three DDR DIMM slots support up to 3GB of DDR memory, and optimized 128-bit architecture reduces memory latency. The advanced memory architecture means that the latest 3D games and multimedia applications are able to run smoother and faster than ever before, giving you unparalleled system performance. With the nForce2 MCP2-T, the APU (Audio Processing Unit) delivers Dolby Digital 5.1 cinematic-quality sound and 3D positional audio to your home PC. By SoundstormTM technology, the NF7-S supports Real-time audio encoding delivering up to 256 simultaneous audio streams makes games and applications come to life. With cutting-edge features and ABIT Engineering, the NF7 series is the ultimate multimedia platform for the world.

AGP 3.0 8X spec supports high performance graphics processing at a peak bandwidth of 2.1 GB/s.
Serial ATA 150
Serial ATA is an evolutionary replacement for the Parallel ATA storage interface. This new high-speed interface burst data transfer rate up to 150 Mbytes/sec and more flexible power tolerances, cables can be smaller and more efficient
Dual DDR 400
Dual DDR combines the power of DDR400 with two 64-bit independent memory controllers, the 128-bit memory controller integrated on chip provides up to 6.4 GB/sec bandwidth for system memory, and gives you highest performance and cost-effective platform.
5bit FID (Frequency ID)
By ABIT 5-bits FID Override technology, users can get variety of CPU over-clocking sets.
ABIT CPU H.T.P (Hardware Thermal Protection)
ABIT CPU H.T.P. uses pure hardware detection, which not like others use software detection to prevent CPU overheating. ABIT CPU H.T.P provides more reliable result for customers’investment.
ABIT SoftMenu™
The overclocking function includes CPU frequency, Vcore, multiplier, chipset & DDR voltage and AGP VDDQ voltage adjustment available to maximize your system performance.
SoundStorm™ Technology
Real-time Dolby Digital 5.1 audio encoding delivering up to 256 simultaneous audio streams
6-Channel Audio and Optical S/PDIF Out
Lets you enjoy 6-channel audio without having to buy advanced sound cards.

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