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It's the biggest survey ever conducted in the history of the industry, and we're handing out prizes with a total value far exceeding $10,000! This is our way to thank the PC community for all the support we have received in 2005, and likewise it's a great way for PC enthusiasts to tell us what they really want in a motherboard. You tell us – we build it!
Latest News & Award
May 30,2006
ABIT – The Reclaim
Computex 2006

Asia's largest technology trade show, Computex in Taipei, Taiwan once again will showcase the latest and greatest technologies of the industry. This year's show boasts a total of 2,882 booths and will be the biggest ever. Reinvigorated Universal abit will present a full range of motherboards.
February 08,2006
ABIT Survey Half-Time
Over 31,000 entries and 11 days to go!

ABIT Computer Corporation recently launched the Great ABIT End-User Survey. In a bid to get the PC community to speak their minds about the future of computer hardware, ABIT is handing out motherboards and CPUs (sponsored by Intel) with a total value of more than US$10,000!
January 27,2006
The Great ABIT End-User Survey
Talk Back – Win Big!

Taiwanese motherboard-maker ABIT Computer Corporation is launching the Great ABIT End-User Survey on their website today.
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