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IN9 32X-MAX Intel Quad Core, Nvidia NF680i SLI
AW9D-MAX Intel Core 2 Duo LGA775, Intel 975X
AB9 Pro Intel Core 2 Duo LGA775, Intel 965
iL-90MV Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel 945GT
Fatal1ty AN9 32X AMD AM2, Nvidia NF 590 SLI
KN9 Ultra AMD Athlon AM2, Nvidia NF 570 Ultra
November 16,2006
The iL-90MV Stands up to the Heat with Hot Hardware Giving it 9 out of 10
"The best HTPC solution to date!!"

Hot Hardware approaches the IL-90MV: "The newly re-born and re-energized abit is never one to fear risk, however, and they've produced a board which may very well be the best motherboard to date for home theater PC's......"
November 10,2006
AW9D-MAX Highly Recommended by Pro-Clockers
Driving the competitive edge

Pro-Clockers got a chance to examine the abit AW9D-MAX motherboard, the second release of abit's Core 2 Duo product line after the AB9 series. Their first impression: "I interact with a lot of people on a daily basis who feel that if you have seen one motherboard you have seen them all. Well, I've got to tell you that is far from the truth.
November 09,2006
abit Launches IN9 32X-MAX
Tame the beast within this OC motherboard

Universal abit launches the IN9 32X-MAX motherboard. Based on the NVIDIA NFORCE 680i SLI/SPP190 chipset, it combines into one of the most overclocking friendly motherboards money can buy. We have left nothing to chance and insist that every extreme user and overclocker looking to get a fix, will want to own and tame this Beast of a motherboard.
November 06,2006
XtremeSystems gives abit 9.5/10
"Amazed at the stability"

XtremeSystems guru Charles "Fugger" Wirth, renowned for his overclocking exploits and an "Xtreme Legend" in his own right, recently put the AW9D-MAX through its paces: "The board is feature packed and sells for a modest $240 at Newegg."
November 05,2006
AW9D-MAX Defies the Competition
"They leave nothing out"

Driver Heaven took the AW9D-MAX through its paces in a recent three-way comparison of 975X chipset-based motherboards. Universal abit turned out to dominate with the awesome MAX series motherboard: "The abit AW9D-Max comes in a huge box which actually looks a lot cooler than the majority of motherboard boxes. ......
abit Launches IL9 Pro Motherboard
The price/performance platform of choice for Core™ 2 Duo
abit launches AW9D Series
Intel 975X Chipset motherboards built for Core™ 2 Duo and beyond
AW9D-MAX rocks TweakTown and gets
"Best performance award"
"abit is back baby!"
HotHardware Grills abit AB9 Pro
"simply can't beat the Abit AB9 Pro's amazing value"
ABIT is proud to launch the newest product release in their latest line of motherboards:
ABIT NI8 SLI Motherboard
(Based on the Nvidia chipset Intel edition).
ABIT Launches the Fatal1ty X800 XL 512MB
Available now at a store near you!

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