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abit Vista

IN9 32X-MAX Wi-Fi Intel Quad Core, NF680i SLI
AB9 QuadGT Intel Core 2 Duo LGA775, Intel 965
AN-M2HD AMD Athlon AM2, Nvidia NF 630a
Fatal1ty FP-IN9 SLI Intel Quad Core, NF650i SLI
IP35 Pro Intel Quad Core, Intel P35
AN52 AMD Athlon AM2, Nvidia NF 520
August 02,2007
Fatality F-I90HD approved by
"Superb HTPC Performance"

abit is the pioneer in HDMI™ integration on motherboards for the digital home usage model. This leadership has been continued with the abit Fatal1ty F-I90HD motherboard.  The abit Fatal1ty F-I90HD is the next generation entertainment center for the modern high definition lifestyles. 
July 25,2007
Editor's Choice and Value for Money from OC3D
"Brilliant IP35 Pro, Outstanding Overclockability"

UNIVERSAL ABIT's motherboard, IP35 Pro, receives great compliments from OC3D. The IP35 Pro is given "Editor's Choice" and "Value for Money" Awards, and both awards once again prove the solid quality of the IP35 Pro's performance and overclockablilty.
July 24,2007
abit AirPace Music Recommended By TechWare Labs
"excellent addition that we wholly recommend"

The reviewers at TechWare Labs tested abit's AirPace Music streaming audio device. For the testers the ease-of use and very convenient setup of this "wireless sound card" was most impressive.
July 17,2007
abit's AirPace Wi-Fi receives TECHGAGE Editor's Choice
"perfect for anyone looking to extend their wireless range"

The abit AirPace Wi-Fi card is the very first IEEE 802.11b/g WLAN device for universal use with PCI-E interfaces. Unlike proprietary solutions the abit AirPace Wi-Fi is highly flexible as it is compatible with ANY PCI-E socket. This makes installation as well as migration true child's play.
July 03,2007
abit AN-M2HD gets High Recommendation from Xsreviews
"easy to install, use and setup"

Universal abit wins 4.5/5 from the well-known Xsreviews team: "In my mind, all motherboards are created the same. You buy one for your processor and your RAM. However, this is one time when I'm wrong… Today I have abit's AN-M2HD which features the media moguls favourite: HDMI."
ABIT@Oslolan 2003
ABIT AW8-MAX receives 4 CPU from CPU Magazine
Fatal1ty AN8 SLI Wins Two Awards @ HEXUS
"No other board is designed to meet the needs of the enthusiast as well as the Fatal1ty line"
ABIT Fatal1ty AN8 SLI receives "Gold Award" from PC Perspective!
ABIT AN8 SLI gets 9 out 10 Editor's Choice award from Gaming Nexus!
ABIT Unleashes the AW8-MAX
Legendary MAX quality and performance updated for 2005
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