ABIT Introduces μGuru – A 2nd Processor
Helping You Reach a Higher State of Enlightened Performance

Taipei, Taiwan, September 17th 2003- ABIT μGuru is the first true artificial intelligence system to be integrated onto a motherboard. ABIT μGuru is a new microprocessor designed by the ABIT Engineers for use only on ABIT motherboards and which allows end-users to reach a higher state of hardware awareness and enlightenment. μGuru acts as a spiritual guide, sharing with ABIT users, tips for hardware monitoring, overclocking, BIOS flashing and audio tweaking functions in an easy to use, Windows-based interface. As a part of the motherboard, only μGuru can completely understand how to optimize the motherboard for ultimate performance. What truly sets μGuru apart is it's onboard memory that allows users to save their favorite overclocking settings for specific applications.

μGuru combines the ABIT Engineered features ABIT EQ, ABIT FanEQ, ABIT OC Guru, ABIT FlashMenu, ABIT AudioEQ and ABIT BlackBox into a user-friendly interface providing users the perfect environment with which to maximize performance and stability. Operating as an independent micro-processor, μGuru effectively frees your CPU resources from performing these functions, further increasing system performance.

With μGuru, end-users will learn the way of performance nirvana and become one with their systems. Without μGuru, the path to higher performance is fraught with peril and disappointment.

Windows-based Overclocking: OC Guru

OC Guru is a Windows-based overclocking utility that works through the μGuru processor. With OC Guru, users can adjust CPU, AGP and memory voltage to find optimal system performance, as well as up the clock speed of the CPU by changing the front side bus speed. OC Guru also gives users the option of saving up to 3 different settings for specific applications, such as gaming, web surfing and CD burning or for 3 different users on the same system.



ABIT Black Box: Personalized Global Service

With ABIT BlackBox, ABIT takes yet another step ahead of the competition in terms of service. BlackBox does exactly what you think it might: in the event of a system problem or crash, it records vital system information that the ABIT Engineers can use to determine the extent of the problem. Furthermore, it includes an automatic ABIT tech support email feature which relays this information to ABIT at the touch of a button. No more relaying emails back and forth. ABIT BlackBox is another step in ABIT's quest to provide personalized global service for every end-user, in every country.

ABIT Audio EQ: Interactive Hardware for Audiophiles

ABIT Audio EQ is the first hardware-based audio enhancement software for onboard sound. The goal with Audio EQ was to make onboard sound comparable to your home stereo. Developed at the ABIT Audio Research Laboratories in Taipei, Taiwan by the same team that brought Dolby Digital sound to ABIT motherboards, Audio EQ uses an ABIT-designed audio codec that provides end-users with several useful functions. The Equalizer is modeled on high-end graphic equalizers found in expensive sound cards and home stereos. Home stereo sound is provided through settings from +12 Db- -12Db in 5 phases and 100 Hz-16 KHz in 10 phases. Audio EQ also features sound effect settings for optimal audio output while gaming, watching DVDs, or even singing karaoke! Furthermore, Audio EQ features jack sensing to eliminate the frustration of connecting audio peripherals and SPDIF In and Out for more advanced peripherals.

ABIT Fan EQ: The Intelligent Fan

Originally activated through ABIT Softmenu™, Fan EQ is now part of μGuru. The ABIT FanEQ cooling system intelligently and automatically adjusts CPU fan speed according to system load and temperature. Not only do many CPU cooling fans sound like a 747 during take-off, low fan speeds provide inadequate cooling and can lead to system overheating.

Incorporating an ABIT-developed ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit), which monitors CPU temperature and adjusts fan speed, the FanEQ technology automatically lowers fan speed when CPU temperature is decreased due to lighter system load, ensuring a quiet computing environment. And of course, when system load increases CPU temperature, particularly in instances of extreme overclocking, FanEQ pumps up fan speed to gale-force levels for cool and stable system performance. With FanEQ, ABIT overclockers have no need for expensive after-market cooling solutions, nor do they have to worry about their system temperature while tweaking their system way beyond spec.

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