BIOS Update Guide

1. Identify your motherboard's model and version by examining the label on the last slot.

2. Double-check the current BIOS ID.

The current BIOS ID is "00". If you already have the latest BIOS, no update is necessary.

3. Download the appropriate BIOS file.

4. Self-extract the BIOS file by double clicking the downloaded file.

5. Make a bootable floppy disk and copy the necessary files onto it.

You may make a bootable floppy disk either in Windows Explorer or in DOS mode.

After formatting the disk and transferring the system to it, copy two files into it. The first is the BIOS flash utility "awdflash.exe" and the other is the decompressed BIOS binary file.

6. Boot from the floppy disk.

In the BIOS, set "floppy" first in the boot sequence.


7. After booting from the floppy, flash the BIOS in pure DOS mode by following the utility's instructions.