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The ABIT μGuru is another revolutionary technology created by ABIT Computer Corp. ABIT μGuru combines the latest PC technologies, providing users with an unforgettable PC experience. ABIT μGuru integrates a hardware microchip which combines Windows-based software applications together to create maximum PC performance and protection, while allowing for zero CPU usage. ABIT μGuru represents ABIT's leading position in the motherboard industry. Following are some key points for our revolutionary μGuru:

The Hardware Guru:

  1. No/Zero performance hit during system monitoring.
  2. Better system performance.
  3. Better system protection.
    (μGuru will shut down your system even when the CPU is hanging.)

Intelligent OC (OC Guru)

OC Guru is a Windows-based overclocking utility that works through the μGuru processor. With OC Guru, users can adjust CPU, AGP and memory voltage to find optimal system performance, as well as up the clock speed of the CPU by changing the front side bus speed. OC Guru also gives users the option of saving up to 3 different settings for specific applications, such as gaming, web surfing and CD burning or for 3 different users on the same system.

  1. "OC NOW!" feature. OC Guru will apply any OC adjustment immediately without rebooting the system.

  2. Auto reboot. OC Guru will auto reboot the system when unable to achieve the previous OC setting.

  3. 3 "My Favorite setting" OC Guru allows user to save 3 sets of different OC setting during boot up.
Smart BIOS Flash

  1. Flash Menu allows users to download thelatest BIOS update file from the internet.

  2. No requirement to re set-up their OC setting, hardware monitoring setting and other settings after a BIOS update.
Magical Black Box

ABIT μGuru is equipped with a special utility which allows users to record their system operating conditions by retrieving all the major hardware information from μGuru. When your system runs abnormally or unstably, Black Box will automatically deliver "HELP" message to ABIT Tech Support Team via e-mail. Once ABIT FAE team receives the message, they can do trouble shooting much quicker. Users also can send their own emails out to hardware vendors or their own IT tech support teams for troubleshooting.

Audio EQ

ABIT Audio EQuses the Realtek ALC658 Codec, designed by ABIT for audiophiles, musicians and gamers to bring the richest, warmest sound to your home PC. Audio EQ offers high quality 5.1-Channel surround sound of better than 95dB SNR and supports major game audio technologies including EAX 1.0/2.0, DirectSound 3D, A3D, HRTF3D, and Sensaura3D. Users can adjust speaker configuration, equalizer and sound effects for more control over theiraudio experience.

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