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To the MAX: ABIT Unveils the MAX Motherboard Series

Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. March 13th, 2002 - ABIT, a premier designer of quality motherboards and multimedia products, is proud to unveil MAX, its newest motherboard series. :The ABIT MAX Series will revolutionize the way people think about computing,; says ABIT Head of Marketing Calvin Liao, :with a design that allows the user to adapt the platform to suit their needs, MAX symbolizes the evolution of computer technology beyond the mundane limitations users have come to expect from their computer systems. ABIT has not only redefined the standard, it has reinvented it.;

The MAX Concept 

ABIT's MAX Series anticipates the future and prepares users to meet the 21st Century head-on. :We wanted to create something revolutionary,; says Jerry, Lead Designer of the IT7, :and with MAX, I think we・ve done what we set out to accomplish. MAX is the solution for today・s constantly changing environment: we engineered MAX to be flexible, powerful, and personalized, but especially to be adaptable to the demands of the future. With hardware systems designed to integrate seamlessly with external devices, MAX allows users to accommodate MAX・s various features to their own current and future computing needs. It・s about providing everything the user will need in one integrated cost effective package, without the commonly associated compatibility problems.; ABIT・s MAX Series pushes today・s motherboard technology to its limits by incorporating the best technologies and integrating them into a single platform. With the MAX Series, both Intel and AMD users will finally have a platform with the capacity to expand along with their increasing computing needs, allowing for a potent combination of high performance, unparalleled versatility and unbeatable value. ABIT MAX has been engineered with today・s high-end users in mind, providing a flexible platform that will conform to the needs of the user, while remaining extremely cost-effective. :To me, MAX is the future,; says Liao, :MAX users will be ready for just about anything the future throws at them. It・s more than just new motherboard V it・s a new way of thinking.;
With MAX: you have a system that looks forward to the challenges of the 21st Century.


In an industry first, ABIT's MAX Series omits the common PS/2 and serial connectors. "Users may find it strange when they notice that there are no PS/2 or serial connectors," admits Liao, :but ABIT has always been about forward thinking. It・s about out with the old and in with the new. The legacy-free nature of MAX allows for the heightened performance and system capability that today・s high-end users demand.; With the proliferation of USB devices including keyboards, mice, and printers, PS/2 and serial-based devices are quickly beginning to phase out. As such, ABIT・s MAX Series replaces them instead with additional USB connectors. By switching from a legacy I/O to an all-USB I/O system, performance and value are maximized: :The future is here with MAX. MAX users will be ready to take on all challenges with MAX's unique and highly specialized combination of performance and flexibility,; says Liao.
With MAX: "Legacy-free" means go ahead, throw out your 8-track Elvis collection, along with the Pac-Man joystick and dot-matrix printer you've been holding onto, "just in case".

Maximum Memory

ABIT Engineering has created the best compatibility and performance for the system memory configuration with a solid hardware and software design, providing a system that can be grow and change with the user・s needs. The MAX Series design supports leading DDR memory technologies and contributes outstanding performance to the system as required by today's most demanding users. "Maximizing the memory capacity on the MAX Series was important to us in the design stages," says Jerry. The IT7 incorporates 3 DDR DIMMS for a maximum of 2GB of PC2100 DDR memory. On the AMD side, the AT7 sports 4 DDR DIMMs for a maximum of 4GB of registered PC2700 DDR memory or 3GB of unregistered PC2700 DDR memory. "More DIMMs means more options for our users," says Jerry, "With the MAX Series, users are able to put together a powerful desktop or alternatively a low-cost server solution. Users can maximize memory for maximum performance."
Based on ABIT Engineering, ABIT developed the MAX series to fully utilize the north bridge chipset in order to maximize system memory bandwidth. This design provides the system builder with multiple selections of DDR modules and combinations, minimizing the cost of PC memory configurations.
With MAX: superior memory engineering allows you to apologize to your girlfriend on ICQ, browse the
net, type out your 20-page report and download the latest Star Wars trailer all at once V with no hiccups!

4-Channel UDMA 133 RAID

The MAX Series has been specifically engineered with a flexible configuration never-before seen on one motherboard. Both the IT7 and the AT7 have a controller chip that provides 4 channels of bus master ports supporting up to 8 IDE devices at ATA 133 speeds. When combined with the 2 native channels present on both boards, it equals support for up to 12 IDE devices. ATA 133 gives a phenomenal 33% improvement in CPU utilization, memory bandwidth and PC bandwidth, giving MAX users a unique combination of performance, value and stability. This radical performance improvement comes from utilizing ATA. With ATA utilization, multi-channels are readily supported. ATA also allows for vastly expanded memory at a substantial cost savings. RAID 0, 1, and 0+1 functions are there as well. By using two hard disks, a RAID 0 array can split information evenly between the two, effectively doubling performance without doubling price: RAID offers users a value-added solution for increased speed and security. RAID 1 is a mirroring setup that dramatically improves your data integrity. RAID 0+1 gives the user the performance of RAID 0 and the security of RAID 1. :It brings the user a kind of device configuration flexibility never-before seen on a motherboard,; says Charlie, :we・re thrilled to be able to bring this level of functionality and value to our users.;  
With MAX: increased speed and security means you・ll never lose those
"special photos" that you・ve downloaded before your boss could sneak up on you.

6-Channel Audio 

The MAX Series provides rich 6-channel audio with an on-board audio controller, and comes equipped with on-board SPDIF IN and OUT functionality with a professional interface. "Having 6-channel audio is vital to a rich multimedia experience," says Jerry, "With a digital out, users can hook up an MP3 or MD player to download their songs via high-speed optical cable. What's more, hooking up a pair of ABIT digital speakers would really rock!"
With MAX: hearing your opponents around corners in Counter-Strike or cranking the latest Britney Spears album are all possible in 6 channel digital audio!

Media XP

"With digital devices quickly gaining popularity, the MAX Series has been engineered to be highly compatible with the latest technology of today and tomorrow. It will prove to be the motherboard of choice for those who want a cost-effective, fully compatible, and flexible multimedia solution,; says Liao. :With the optional Media XP Interface, the IT7 or AT7 will be a perfect complement for digital devices that use SONY Memory Stick, Panasonic SD Card, or even compact flash cards. With the Media XP, users will easily be able to use their systems to directly access data stored on any of these media formats;. Media XP is designed to be fully compatible with external digital devices thus avoiding any problems commonly associated with installation of multimedia devices, such as compatibility or resource conflict problems. Media XP is available with both the AT7 and IT7, and is conveniently mounted via front panel for easy access. What・s more, Media XP also includes 2 USB ports, headphone and microphone jacks, and SPDIF in and out ports.
With MAX: downloading your recent vacation photos from your digital camera or plugging in a mic for your next Karaoke party has never been easier or more convenient!

On-board 10/100 LAN

Each of the motherboards in the MAX Series includes 10/100 Ethernet capabilities. Users of home networking or high-speed Internet access will benefit greatly with the MAX Series. :Many users are finding that high-speed Internet is a convenient and effective way to stay connected,; said Liao, :The MAX Series was engineered specifically with these people in mind;.  
With MAX: get connected to the wired world. No more hassling your friends for and neighbors to check e-mail. Send and receive annoying forwards at high speed, 24 hours a day!

IEEE 1394a and USB 2.0

Many users today own an assortment of electronic devices such as a PC, CD player, digital camera, and DVD player. As users continue to buy and use more digital devices, they will want to integrate their PCs and other devices for flexible, easy operation. In order to do this, MAX has been engineered to enable effective high-speed data transfers. Both the IT7 and AT7 include Firewire 1394a and USB 2.0 support, providing the ultimate platform to create, edit, share, and store your digital content. "MAX owners can take advantage of both of these standards and not have to worry about buying a peripheral not suited for their data transfer standard," says Charlie, "the MAX Series has been engineered to give you both for the ultimate in flexibility, plus a user friendly environment to connect today's hottest new consumer electronics to their home PC, thereby maximizing versatility and value."

The three IEEE 1394a ports on both the IT7 and the AT7 incorporate many features, including support up to 63 peer-to-peer devices, operating speeds of 100 Mbps to 400 Mbps depending on cable type, connects over short and long distances, and supports both asynchronous and isochronous data transfer.

USB 2.0 provides an expandable, hot-pluggable Plug and Play serial interface. It will support up to 480 Mbps for high-speed devices, and is suitable for high-performance devices such as high-quality video conferencing cameras, high-resolution scanners, and high-density storage devices. The AT7 supports up to 4 USB 2.0 and 6 USB 1.1 devices, while the IT7 supports an unprecedented 10 USB 2.0 peripherals. :This unparalleled versatility will allow MAX users complete flexibility in numerous applications; says Charlie.
With MAX: publishing embarrassing videos of your friends and family on the Internet is hassle-free! Edit your boring vacation videos with exciting text, graphics and effects!

SoftMenu™ III

ABIT・s famous SoftMenu™ III has made its way to the MAX Series. :Users worldwide are raving about the flexibility of SoftMenu™ III,; says Liao, :we・re proud to have this amazing tool included with the MAX Series.; ABIT's SoftMenu™ III puts you in the driver's seat, allowing you to adjust vital system parameters. CPU core, I/O, and DDR VCC voltages can be tweaked with ease, and FSB frequencies can be set anywhere from 100 to 200Mhz in increments of one. SoftMenu™ III eliminates the need for cumbersome jumpers, as virtually all system parameters can be tweaked and adjusted within BIOS. Moreover, it gives users a multitude of environmental settings to ensure the kind of high stability and performance they・ve come to expect from ABIT. To make it easy, detailed descriptions of each setting are included on-screen as well.
With MAX: tweak your system like a finely tuned racecar, and squeeze out that extra frame in Quake 3 Arena. After all, more FPS means more frags! 

Hardware Monitoring

The MAX Series has been engineered with the concept that all user needs are different; thus MAX comes equipped with extensive hardware monitoring capabilities to ensure system stability. :Users can look to the hardware monitor to see current fan speeds, voltages, and system environment temperatures,; says Jerry, :if any of these parameters are running too far out of specifications, the system will automatically shut down, protecting the hardware in case of a system failure. This allows MAX users to push their system to the absolute limit.;
With MAX: you can sleep easy at night while your system hums away 40% over spec.

ABIT Engineered Features

ABIT Engineering brings users unique features that have power users everywhere talking. "What made the TH7-RAID special has made it back to the IT7," says Jerry, "users were very positive when these features were introduced, and now its time to bring them to the MAX Series' IT7." ABIT Engineering includes a debug LED for diagnosing boot-up problems. "Users find it really helpful when they can determine exactly which part of the boot process failed. It makes system maintenance a lot easier." The IT7 also includes handy power on/off and reset buttons built right on the board itself. "When we test boards in our labs, we used to have to short jumpers with a screwdriver in order to reset the system or turn it on and off, "says Jerry, "this ABIT Engineered feature began as a necessity in our labs, and now users are raving about them!"
With MAX: not only will you be able to troubleshoot a PC faster than all of your friends, but you'll also have more lights in your computer than anyone else in the neighborhood!

Future Unleashed

:The MAX Series gives the kind of performance and flexibility ABIT users will need in the coming future,; says Calvin Liao, :with so many features and advanced specifications, users want a system that has room to grow with the demands of the 21st Century.;
:Thanks to ABIT engineering, MAX offers the user complete flexibility to adapt to whatever the future brings,; says Charlie, :we are thrilled to have designed a product that incorporates so many of our users・ suggestions, with an unprecedented array of standard features, offering users unbelievable value, along with the ability to customize MAX to fit their individual needs.  
With MAX: Unleash the Future

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